About Us

Our company began with an interest in finding a better cup of coffee. That search led us to roasting coffee for ourselves at home. We found that freshly roasted single origin and crafted blends of coffee was a much better experience.

We've evolved our craft and are now equipped to share our fresh cup experience with others.

We use the latest in artisan profiling, commercial equipment, and coffee education to provide our customers with a superior sip.

The small batch difference

We take pride in sharing our craft with our customers. By roasting small batches of coffee we have a high level of control over the quality and freshness of our product. Each batch is a hands on process from start to finish to bring out the best qualities in each origin of coffee. It's a difference you can taste.

Where to Find Us

Daily Crisis Farm - 2837 Bradenbaugh Rd White Hall, Md 21161

Red Barn Farm Market at Harry C. Dehoff Farms - 1553 Woolen Mill Rd Stewartstown, PA 17363

Southern Sol Shoppe - 4115 Norrisville Rd White Hall, MD 21161

The Market at Clear Meadow - 3134 Troyer Road White Hall, MD 21161

Pond View Farm - 2601 Jolly Acres Road White Hall, MD 21161

Main St. Market - Glen Rock - 17 Main St, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania 17327

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